About Us

Our Philosophy is that children thrive in communities who know how to nurture and sustain living things. We understand that gardens are natural classrooms and gardeners naturally plan for the future.

Our Mission is to bring a balanced environment that not only grows food, but brings learning and play, sustainability and responsibility to each member of our alliance: parents, teachers, students and neighbors.

Our goals are multifaceted and long term:

  • To bring together diverse members of our community in every facet of our planning and development
  • To partner with our neighbors to create a community that is invested in our school
  • To partner with non-profits and community members to create enriching opportunities for our students
  • To plan a natural playground that includes space for children to run and play
  • To bring our gardens into classrooms and the cafeteria
  • To bring classrooms out into the garden and other natural spaces

Our action plan begins with you! We need your help to maintain a dedicated committee and garden crew by volunteering to work in the garden and coming to our Garden Committee meetings. We could use help with grant proposals, appealing to local nurseries for plants and materials, encouraging and supporting teachers to be involved, designing our container gardens and raised beds, and participating in fundraising!


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